An Hour in the Life Of

After stuffing ourselves with turkey and all the fixins' and spending quality time with family visiting from Vegas over the Thanksgiving holiday, we met up a couple days later with the Rowe family to capture some family memories - or what I call OVER THE TOP fun!

Joelle and Steve adopted Stella (who will be 6 in January) from a little boy in Chino Valley, Arizona, who was raising money for a trip to Australia. She came into their lives during a difficult time, full of love from day one with lots of cuddles for Mom and Dad. Stella became Mom's instant companion and like any Lab with tons of energy, she loves frisbees and balls but water is her best friend! 

Rowe-24 B&W LR.jpg

Pete is the newest addition to the family, born in September of this year. Joelle wanted to rescue but patience is not a virtue when she has her heart and mind set on something. She and I are very much alike in this regard (just call us Veruca Salt, the "I want it and I want it now" Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory girl LOL) and after waiting 8 weeks with no puppy "hits" she gave up. The main goal is, after all, providing a loving and safe home to any four legger where all can grow old together as a family. She and Steve visited a reputable Lab breeder in Queen Creek where Steve spotted a tiny yellow Lab sitting in a corner all by himself and it was instant love for all involved! Pete enjoys being with his big sister, Stella, gets along with the kitties and rope toys are his favorite. Mom says he's camera shy but this little guy had no problem at all hamming it up for me during their session!

When she first contacted me, Joelle told me that she and Steve had their hearts set on including all their furries in a family photo but they weren't so sure we'd be able to "make it happen" and get everyone's attention. What do you think Pawz followers? :) And so we began the session in their backyard with a group shot - Stella, Pete, and their two cats, Billie and Fred. 

After finishing up with some candid and action shots, we took a short stroll to their gorgeous neighborhood park (talk about BEAUTIFUL hour-before-sunset light that day!!) where I sat back and let the fun with this family unfold - candids have always been my thing but lifestyle photos are fast becoming a favorite!

Rowe-337 LR.jpg


Thank you Joelle and Steve for choosing us to capture your timeless memories and for allowing us to spend an hour with your beautiful and fun family.

And that my dear friends is what they call "a wrap"… until next time, stay safe and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all!